Hey guys, 

Firstly, thanks for stopping by my website! I thought i’d write up a little “about me” section for those of you who might be interested in getting to know a little more about me behind all the pictures,  and how I got to where I am today. 

My full name is Eileen Beth Cassidy. PROUDLY LABELLED Australian, although i’ve got a bit of an interesting ethnicity. Mum is Malaysian Chinese and Dad is Irish, with a little bit of french thrown in the mix. Lucky me got taught by mum to speak Mandarin Chinese from the moment I was born, so being bi-lingual has definitely got its perks. I was born and raised in the inner- eastern suburbs of Melbourne back in 1990 with my two awesome parents and younger brother (Owen). 

My family is absolutely everything to me. Our gang is super duper close, and even though I moved out pretty young and had what you’d call a very typical teenage love hate relationship with them, I feel so blessed and lucky to have always had so much support and encouragement poured into my brother and I from a young age. We were always told to follow our dreams and that we would be amazing at anything we wanted to set our heart on. Looking back at it now, being raised by two such diversely different cultured parents has given me an incredibly positive and fortunate take on life. I grew up with a super spiritual and holistic upbringing,  which probably wasn’t the easiest growing up. Being spiritual wasn’t “cool” back then and I am still very much putting into practice what I have been brought up to believe and am proud to be a bit of a hippie baby. The one thing I try to always consciously practice ever single day is the art of gratitude. Mum has inspired me more than anyone else, because despite her constant battle with cerebral palsy throughout her life, she’s has been nothing but a shining light of positivity, teaching me to always be grateful for the simple things, like health and life itself. 

I’ve been modelling since I was about 18, which seems like a life time ago now. I was scouted by a lady whilst working at my part time retail job. She asked if i’d be interested in being her model for a new bag range she was releasing. I thought, why the hell not. From that moment on, my life changed. I loved the idea of being able to get my make up done, and playing dress ups whilst getting paid for it! I knew that modelling was something I wanted to further invest my time in,  but I really wanted to make sure I finished the PR course that I was doing at the time, which I’m super happy I did. 

Fast forward a few years. It’s now 2017, and for the past two years, modelling has been my full time career and I couldn’t be any more grateful or proud with how far I have come. I have been able to work closely with so many amazing clients that I love including; The Iconic, Top Shop,  Ripcurl,  The 5th, Bardot, Motel Rocks, Cotton On, Sommer Swim, Elwood, Portmans, Kookai, Pepper Mayo and many more Australian & international brands. 

I predominantly work and base myself in Melbourne and regularly travel up to Sydney for shoots. Australia will always be my base, theres no doubt about that. But I must confess, modelling aside,  I love living by my favourite motto “Always Explore”. I am addicted to travel! I simply thrive off the experiencing new cultures and being well and truly out of my comfort zone. Over the last couple of years i’ve been lucky enough to travel, model as well as live overseas, visiting Europe, India and Bali numerous times. Whether it be overseas or down by the coast in Melbourne, exploring is what I enjoy most, as well as spending lots of time with family and friends. I am away so much for work that when i’m back home in Melbourne, down time with them is what I live for.

Another huge hobby of mine is getting creative in the kitchen. Whenever I can, I love finding recipes I have always loved and then recreating a healthier version whilst attempting to give it some extra zest! Sharing my passion for food with loved ones is something i’ve been brought up with, as I have a few talented foodies in the family. Food unites people, and if you love to create, do it as much as you can. Click here to check out some of my favourite creations. 

I want to finish up by saying that I am a huge advocate for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Making sure I have enough down time amongst all the hustle and bustle, eating well and staying active are all essential for me to stay happy and positive. I love pilates and barre, and try to attend at least 4-5 classes a week. It’s what works for my body. I always love to get outdoors, go for walks, hit the gym and sometimes simply just getting the yoga mat out to stretch!

I have always worked hard and placed a lot of pressure on myself to achieve whatever I set my mind to, but at the same time I always try to remind myself that life is too short, and balance is key. Appreciate the simple things in life, and remember to have a laugh, life is boring when you're too serious! 

Thank you for following me on my journey, its been an amazing one so far! Stay tuned via my blog to keep updated :) 

Eileen XXX