As you may be aware, I have very recently invested in a brand spanking new set of porcelain veneers. Have absolutely no idea what this entails? No worries.. its exactly why i’m writing this whole thing :) I want to share my experience and exactly why I decided to invest in veneers.. Its a huge adjustment and a big change, so its definitely something you need to think about a lot before deciding.

Growing up, I had a pretty funny looking set of teeth. Not only did I have a HUGE gap (not the sexy kind) between my front two, I somehow had a ridiculous amount of over crowding that just made smiling something I HUGELY avoided at all costs. Gosh, looking back at it now, I feel pretty bad for Mum and Dad. Both their kids had some pretty hideous looking teeth, which were not certainly not cheap to make pretty. Not getting braces simply was NOT an option for them, I just HAD to have them. In my head it was social suicide if I didn’t, haha! So at the start of year 9, after about a year of begging.. I had surgery to remove my two top vampire teeth (canines). This was definitely needed for the braces to get put in as I simply just had way too many teeth in my mouth. Then FINALLY after that, my fabulous set of rainbow braces were installed. These bad boys lived in my mouth for around a year and a half, I remember getting them off around the time of the year 10 formal. 

After getting them removed, I remember thinking “Wow, I look so different, I don’t know if I like them”. I know I was never really 100% happy with the way they looked. Why? For some reason my right front tooth just never really sat that straight and I was told by my dentist that it was simply the shape of my tooth. It was larger than the left and I just had to live with it. So I did exactly that. 



Look I know my teeth were not all that bad, but I guess after going through the whole process of getting braces, I definitely thought i’d LOVE to smile at every chance I had. But I really just didn’t. As my modelling career started to progress, I started to notice my teeth a lot more, as I was being photographed constantly and all I seemed to be looking at was my teeth. ANYWAY after a lot of thought and discussions with girlfriends, I built up the courage to ask my dentist Dr Shawn from @thedentalroom about potentially getting porcelain veneers. I didn’t really know much about them to be completely honest, and after a few conversations with people i’ve noticed that they’re actually still a very taboo topic to be speaking about!?! SO many people I know now have them but lots of them keep it hush hush! ANYWAY each to their own. I am WAY too excited to keep this bad boy a secret!!!


Looking back at it now, the whole procedure itself was so easy and painless! The first appointment was definitely the more tedious of the two, it went for about 5-6 hours. After a long discussion, we both agreed that I should get 8 veneers across the top and that I wanted a 100% NATURAL smile (no big white fake looking chompers thank you very much). Once it was all confirmed, we shook on it and the master himself BEGAN HIS ART!

What does this process entail?


Moulds of my teeth

before (underneath)



Porcelain veneers involve drilling down your natural teeth a little so that you’re able to place a veneer tooth over the top of your natural tooth. As you can imagine, 5 hours of drilling with your mouth wide open.. isn’t the most exciting procedure, but if anyone could make it seem easy, its Dr Shawn. Good thing I didn’t feel a single bit of it! I was actually so surprised how strong the local anaesthetic worked with numbing the whole area. But even afterwards, there was no pain or discomfort at all, which I was a tad surprised about.

After all the drilling, temporary veneers are placed onto your teeth (these are usually just for a week). This is done so that Dr Shawn and his fabulous Ceramist Chloe can go away and make up my real set of teeth. This also allows you to get used to the look of your new teeth and gives you an opportunity to see if you want to make any changes. I was absolutely ECSTATIC when I had mine put in, I couldn’t stop grinning and took about a gazillion selfies. HAHA!

Now, the second appointment is definitely the more exciting of the two! I actually couldn’t contain myself as I walked in the following friday morning :) After removing the temporaries, Dr Shawn started the process of applying the new set of veneers into my mouth. This process takes a while, as the positioning needs to be perfected and then set with a light. Fast forward 4-5 hours and VA LA! Easy as that. 

What do porcellain veneers look/feel like?

The look of my new teeth are100% natural and feel so so so real. I can’t even tell the difference between the feel of my top and bottom teeth to be honest. I specifically asked Dr Shawn for the “natural” look, and I couldn’t have been more stressed about this if i tried! Hahaha I was a tad nervous doing this whole thing. Now, if you look really closely at my teeth in the “after” image, you can see that there are slight indents in the bottom of the teeth, just like there were on my original ones.

Anyway, I couldn’t be ANYMORE thrilled and am so grateful to Dr Shawn and the beautiful team at @thedentalroom for taking such good care of me. I feel a lot more confident in general and literally can’t stop smiling with my teeth in all my photos! Thank you so so so much for helping me feel 100% confident flashing my pearly whites! If you’ve been thinking about getting porcelain veneers and you’re in Melbourne.. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Visit www.thedentalroom.com.au for more info :)

Hope you guys love my teeth as much as I do :D

Thanks for reading and all the support you guys continue to give me!! Love you all

Eileen XX


Happy gut & mental health is LIFE


Hey guys :) Heres a fun fact..

Did you know that happy endorphin “serotonin” is created in our gut? Yep. If you’re not gut healthy then you’re probably not creating as much of of the happy feeling inside you as you could be!!!

So... you may have guessed. This post will be talking about my gut health! I have been really struggling with poor gut health for a while now, I suffer from various food intolerances and have a few health issues which I have been tirelessly trying to solve with very little success.. Ill be honest, it’s exhausting. Not knowing what’s going on inside you when you think you’re doing all the right things can drive you bat sh*t crazy. 

After some extensive testing earlier in the year, I was diagnosed with anemia (low red blood cell count) which has been caused by a pretty scary parasite i’ve picked up, which has been living in my gut for a couple of years now. Sounds pretty crazy I know, but this thing that’s been inside me has been pretty much eating me alive. This parasite has caused me some pretty hefty liver scarring and has caused me some serious grief mentally and has physically drained me. 

Healing the gut and getting rid of parasites isn’t an easy task. After finding out I had the critter, I was advised by the practitioner to undergo a very strict parasite cleanse for 3months. This involved numerous things including, cutting out alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy, gluten and a few other things and taking various supplements to heal the body. 4 months on, I still have the parasite. I tell you, it leaves you flat as f*ck when you work so hard on your health and still feel like you’re taking ten steps backwards. I felt incredibly helpless and left desperate. 

I recently attended a @tesstalksofficial event at @thisislifewellness and when one of the speakers @katherine_hay_nutritionist spoke about her studies and methods in healing the body through the gut, my heart pretty much jumped out of my chest! She spoke about how poor gut health is a huge contributing factor to both physical and mental illnesses , and after she mentioned a few symptoms i resinated with, I immediately reached out and booked an appointment to see her. 

I also can’t stress how important a healthy and balanced mind set is essential to life in general. If you’re regularly feeling tired, bloated, random breakouts, anxiety, etc.. Maybe have a serious moment and reassess.. Maybe consider seeing someone about it? 

I am a big fan of meditation and have been for a while now.. Lately I stopped, I don’t know why, I just did. I didn’t prioritise it and life just rolls on by. As well stopping as stopping meditation, I stopped writing in my journal as well as my gratitude diary. I can’t explain how simply stopping these three things changed my overall mood and attitude to life . I stopped doing the things I KNOW make me tick and help keep me positive. I started having very disrupted sleep, which lead to my anxiety getting really full on, some days unbearable . This lead to feeling flat and just feeling super neg all the time.  I’m sure I don’t have to explain in anymore detail, that i just wasn’t feeling my A game. 

When I had my first appointment with Kat, aside from helping me with some DNA testing for my gut health (you must check this out if you’re suffering from any gut issues), she mentioned “The Insight Timer” which is an app I have been using for meditation and reminded me of the things I had been so lost without. She asked I start meditating and start writing down things I am grateful for, assuring me it would really help me with what I was going through. It was a very eye opening moment. Realising that such simple every day practices could make such an impact my overall mental health. 

I guess the whole point of this post is to really emphasise that a healthy mental state is vital if you’re wanting optimum physical health too. It’s all about keeping your mind and body connected. Also that it’s OK when you do fall off the bandwagon. It happens. It is completely 100% ok. Please try your best to not beat yourself up.. I know Its something I definitely did. I felt incredibly guilty for feeling sh*t, because we live in a world where we’re supposed to be “happy” all the time. 

I really want to thank @tesstalksofficial for introducing me to @katherine_hay_nutritionist at @thisislifewellness..❤️ And I want to thank YOU all for taking the time to read something that is very personal to me. If you think you might be going through something similar, please don’t be afraid to speak to speak out and see someone about it. There are people who specialise in these fields of health care for a reason. 💫✨

Sending love to you all xx



Lagos - @apricotberlin

We all know how miserable and cold winter can be.. Yep, its exactly why every summer for the last few years I've been lucky enough to escape to somewhere with a warmer climate. As much as I LOVE melbourne, I just can NOT handle its winter! I decided I wanted to take off the whole of June this year and head over to Europe (as it seems, many other aussies have also had the same idea). One of my besties has been living in London for the past two years and her visa is almost up, so when she asked "Hey wanna go Portugal?" I booked my ticket that night. 

In the lead up to my euro trip, I reached out and got in contact with the lovely couple Jessica Schwarz and Tiago da Silva who are both photographers behind @apricotberlin. I actually had contacted them to see if they wanted to shoot whilst I was visiting Germany, but turns out they'd recently relocated to Portugal and were now based in Lisbon (a few hours drive from Lagos). I was thrilled when they said they'd be more than happy to drive down to Lagos to meet me and do a shoot! Both parties had the same idea in mind for the shoot.. Natural, relaxed and just really capturing the amazing surroundings. We organised to shoot at two different locations, first being their super cute and vibrant villa and secondly down at Praia De Luz beach.  Time flew and before I knew it I was being picked from my hotel, sun was shining and we were on like donkey kong! Both Jess and Tiago are such beautiful humans, not only are they so incredibly talented but they were such a pleasure to work with. They shot me both on film and digital and even snapped some super awesome cinematography (I can't seem to load it to this post). It's days like this that make me feel so grateful and lucky to have such a cool job. Creating amazing imagery, in amazing locations with amazing talent from across the world..

Thank you guys!  

Anyway here are some of my favourites from the day :) So excited to finally share! 





Hey ladies! Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ?  I was MIND F*KING BLOWN when I recently found this out. We've got a whopping 2 square metres of it!!! Anywhoo.. I'm writing this post because I've had a few ladies asking me about my skincare regime (treatment wise) and which products I use. So for those of you interested... read on as I reveal ALL THINGS SKIN! 

Growing up I was pretty damn lucky with regards to my skin, considering the amount of sugar and crazy things I consumed as a teenager. I definitely inherited mum’s smooth olive skin, with the occasional pimple once or twice a year. Maaaate, what I would do for that now!!!

Some of you may know that over the last couple of years I've been really struggling with eczema break outs on my face. I started to notice a change in the texture and sensitivity of my skin. Pimples were popping up out of nowhere and I then started to develop eczema around my eyes, which for a long time wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. 

Aside from being a normal girl who cares about her appearance (and in my line of my work) having good skin is pretty damn important. I guess, your overall maintenance is important. So when my face started to flare up with eczema that wouldn't budge and random spots were popping up out of nowhere, like anyone, I was confused and began to stress pretty badly. 

Wearing thick layers of make-up day in day out for work definitely didn’t help the situation. There have been moments over the last few years where I've cried because of how much pain my skin was in and more-so, the frustration it caused me. I'd wake up in the morning and the first thing I'd look at was the eczema on my face, and like what many of us are too quick to do, I started my day filling my mind with everything I hated about myself. That alone I believe is a HUGE contributor to breakouts of any kind. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND STRESS GIRLS!! If you're reading this and you know what I'm talking about, please try your best to give yourself a break. Stress increases cortisol levels in your body and ultimately speeds up the aging process. Remember most importantly, STRESS DOESN'T CHANGE THE OUTCOME. I know it sucks but trying to stay positive is the first step to helping you get closer to your goal. 


A couple of years ago a friend and I were at the gym and as usual, I was whining about my skin and who knows what else, when she interrupted me and told me to stand next to her in front of the mirror. She then asked me to point out 3 things I hated most about myself. I answered almost instantly and of course, my eczema was one of them. She then asked me to point out 3 things I love most and am proud of. I'll be honest, I was awkward and shy and didn't really know what to think or say because I had never really thought of these things and didn't feel like anything was worth mentioning. She took the lead and told me hers straight up. The confidence and positivity that shone through her was so incredible and inspiring. I loosened up and really tried to focus on the things I liked about myself and after a few moments I shared. She then asked me to focus on these 3 things every morning when I woke up for the next week. It's taken years of practice and of course I don't do it every single day but let me tell you ladies, that day ultimately changed my life. We are who we are, no matter how much we fixate on the things we don't like about ourselves. This is who we are right at this moment and learning to focus more on the things we do love about ourselves is the first step towards a positive outcome. So next time you're in front of the mirror try this; What are the 3 things you love about you? Could be anything from your bum, your freckles, your smile, your nails even! Who cares... focus on the positive and see the change. 



As I mentioned earlier, it was around two years ago when I really started to invest more time and effort in my skin. I then started to notice all these crazy changes. I began trialling a few different clinics, getting facials here and there, until eventually I came across the amazing Angelina at "Skin Angel" in Malvern (Melbourne) and I told her all about my eczema concerns. I've since been seeing her once every four to eight weeks (depending on my schedule) to get "laser genesis" which stimulates collagen, followed by a white light therapy treatment to help renew and boost energy in the skin. After every treatment, my skin looks and feels insanely smooth and beautiful. If ever I happened to have another eczema breakout, a trip back to the clinic would always show good results.

When I am over in Bali (my second home) I visit the lovely team at "Eden life centres". Here I also treat myself to white led light facial treatments and have just recently started the amazing DERMAPEN! (Please visit the website for more details). The manager Simone is a DIVINE HUMAN and will take good care of you. I swear by these two clinics and space out my appointments properly between the two. 

Although I was visiting the clinics every month or so, I was still having the same reoccurring issues with eczema flare ups in between treatments that were not getting better. Both clinics advised me that skin is hugely affected by what you consume in your diet and that I should get tested for food allergies. I hadn’t eaten dairy for a long time because I know it doesn’t agree with me so I decided to trial and error with other food. The last year or so has been a long journey of trail and elimination and I now feel I have discovered which foods I am highly sensitive to. FINALLY, it feels like my skin is on track and under control again. 

MY SKIN PRODUCTS (Not a paid collaboration) 

I have searched high and low for skincare products that agrees with my body and leaves me feeling fresh without eczema or irritation. A few months ago I discovered "The Edible Beauty" and have since been using these products religiously!!! All of their products are developed by naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsios. They are all VEGAN, contain no nasties and are literally safe enough to eat (Yep! I hope you're just as impressed as I am). My eczema reacted to a lot of harsh chemicals so this was super important to me :) My skin has literally improved SO MUCH its crazy!!! 

I actually use most of her products, but these three are my favourites: 



Ok ladies... I hope I've not rambled on for too long and that all of this has helped answer some of your questions. Please know my skin is FAR from perfect (no one is perfect) but I definitely am thrilled with how much it has improved and am really happy with where it is at now. I take a lot of pride in my skincare regime and am really excited to share what I can with you.

My Skin Rules: 

  • Sleep; getting enough shut eye is essential for good skin 
  • H20 - sprinkle a pinch of Himalayan salt into your water to help with absorption. At least 2-3 litres a day please 
  • Wash your make up off. No excuses
  • SUNSCREEN !!!!! I wear SPF 50 on my face everyday 
  • A healthy balanced diet. (Understanding your allergies) I personally don't consume dairy, which I have found to have helped my skin a lot with breakouts and eczema. 
  • No refined sugars
  • Twice a year I do a Collonic Irrigation cleanse (2 collonics a week for 6 weeks) - This helps flush all the toxins that accumulate in your gut and can help aid with a huge variety of conditions. I highly recommend "GutFit Health" in St Kilda 
  • Probiotics - I take one a day to fill my body with good bacteria which ultimately helps with my skin :) 
  • Sweat. Exercise!! Get your endorphins kicking! This promotes so of the obvious health benefits but helps with sleep and letting the body rest and rejuvenate. 
  • Happy thoughts and less stress!!!


There you have it ladies :) Thanks for taking the time to read!

Love and Light

Eileen xx 


Cape Town. South Africa. 28.1.18


Visiting the continent of Africa had always been high on my bucket list. Seeing all the animals from the Lion King and visiting the pyramids were honestly life goals for me as a child. So you can imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to visit the beautiful city of Cape Town in January with some friends. Unfortunately, no I did not get to visit the pyramids, nor did i have enough time to head north to any of the big safari parks, BUT I was going to be visiting AFRICA and boy oh boy, is Cape Town more than anything I had imagined. 

So firstly I have to say, the 25 hours flying was 100% worth it. Many people have asked what my favourite thing about the place was, and looking back now its difficult for me to answer to be honest. The combination of the scenery, the weather, the people, the SEAFOOD (so good) and the exploring opportunities.. my god it was all so incredible!

For me, staying by the beach was essential. Those who know me know I am a sucker for an ocean view. I stayed with a girlfriend of mine in Camps Bay which is a super chill coastal suburb surrounded by the most spectacular mountain views, seriously incredible. The days were hot (just the way I like it) and the nights were slightly chilly. Whenever there was a storm we'd see the clouds rolling over the mountains surrounding us, it was simply surreal.  So safe to say, I was spoilt for views the entire time I was there. 

Being able to incorporate travel into my job is something I am grateful for every single day. I not only got to visit this amazing city, but I was able to experience it with some good friends of mine who are all such talented creatives, all there to capture the magic of the place. 

A couple of days before heading home I decided I wanted to do a little shoot with good friend @GlenKrohn who I often get to work with for jobs but have hardly had the chance to work creatively on something just for me. I really wanted to keep it simple and relaxed, so I threw together bits of my own wardrobe and we just got creative. The day was super chilled, with tunes playing and the sound of the waves rolling in below us, and the best bit? @katiesudekova cheering us on, beer in hand! 

I am so excited to be finally sharing some of the images with you! I have loaded a few of my favourites and have tagged all brands I am wearing at the bottom of the post :) Thanks for reading guys!

Love and light

Eileen XX


Model: Eileen Cassidy @eileencassidy_

Photographer: Glen Krohn @glenkrohn

Gooseberry Intimates - @gooseberryintimates - Lingerie

Faithful the Brand - @faithfullthebrand - Shirt, Bikini 

Vika Jewels - @vikajewels - All jewellery 

Fallen Broken Street - @fallenbrokenstreet - Grey Hat 

Zara - @Zara - Flare Pants 





Hey guys!!! 

Thank you all SO MUCH for being so patient with me, I know its been a while since I last posted. Things have been SUPER DUPER busy on my end the last couple of of months and its crazy how much I've been dying to share this experience with you guys! SO! its about time I get writing hey... 

WELL! Some of you may remember, a little earlier in the year, around the beginning of June.. I was lucky enough to have been given the INCREDIBLE opportunity to head over to Spain for a week with the crew at "The 5th" to shoot their new "Bilbao" range of watches they were about to roll out. Click here to view the full story . The trip seems like it FLEW by so fast!!!  I actually cannot believe its already been three months since we went. MY GOSH  time certainly flies!

I remember getting the call  . I was sitting with a girlfriend on the couch yabbering away about who knows what, when my phone rang and Alex, the founder of the 5th began telling me about the upcoming campaign they had been planning and then asked me if i'd be interested in coming over and being the face of it. I froze, and had to ask him to repeat what he'd said. I guess it took me a couple of moments before I realised that I was being asked if I wanted to head to SPAIN with an awesome crew to do what I LOVE. After getting off the phone I remember the excitement and ridiculous happy laugh both my girlfriend and I broke out into for the next... 5 or so minutes. Hahaha

Yes, I do OFTEN travel to amazing places  for work, but a lot of the time that either involves being alone for long periods of time or jet setting away with people you don't really know too well..(which of course is all part of the job). But thats what made this gig SO INSANELY AWESOME, and why it was an opportunity I clearly couldn't say no to.

Like many of you i'm sure, Barcelona is one of my fav fav fav cities in the world. I had last visited Barca back in 2015 whilst backpacking with a close girlfriend of mine, and had so many fond memories of the place, so I was super ecstatic to be heading back there. There is nothing quite like the feeling of returning to a place you LOVE. In saying all of this, I was even MORE excited about the fact that i'd been given this amazing chance to be working with one of my favourite clients and to be a part of something special and exciting for them! 

Well, before you knew it, we were up up and away! On the 8th June 2017 we left behind minus 10 degree Melbourne and couldn't be anymore excited for some sunshine. Walking out of Barcelona airport, I remember it being hot, like fantastically balmy, sun shining on your face, the way you imagine it to be, EUROPEAN hot. OWWW YEH!!!!! I was in my element. 

Arriving in Barcelona - Exhausted. 

The trip was split up into three parts. Barcelona, Bilbao and then finishing off with some RELAX time in San Sebastian. Once we got all settled we met up with the photographer who is also a close friend of mine, Michelle Van Dijk and things started to get real! 


The week went so fast, looking back at the whole experience now, all three cities were SO incredible. The hustle and bustle in Barcelona alongside the beach is what I adore, it kind of reminds me of Sydney a little. One of the pictures below is at my little "cava" bar (which I am so surprised I remembered the directions to) as I did not, and still do not know the name of. No tourists there, no english menu. Just lots of LOUD chatter, plenty of tapas and ever flowing CAVA (for those of you who don't know, Cava is Spanish sparkling wine) 



I must say travelling by train between each city is the best way to see the country side and what lies between all the magnificent chaos in each city. I highly recommend it, way over flying. Being able to travel for work is 100% the best part about my job. You get to meet so many incredible people and learn alot about different cultures, both of which I LOVE a lot. 

It was hard to decide which was my favourite out of all the cities we visited this time around. They were all wonderful in such different ways. Surprisingly Bilbao ended up being the pick of the lot for me. Why you ask? Everyone was so nice and friendly, people offered help with directions EVERYWHERE we went, the lack of tourists lingering around made the atmosphere so different to Barcelona & San Sebastian. But I think the ARCHITECTURE was a huge factor. The "Guggenheim" musuem where the campaign was shot was SUCH a highlight, the building and its location in the city was something I'd never seen before. Its definitely a must visit place for those of you who are thinking about heading to Spain!

Anyway, pictures tell a thousand words..  Below are a mixture of final images from the campaign as well as some happy snaps from the day! This has definitely been one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime and i'm so honoured to have been part of something so huge and exciting! 

Thank you SO much to "The 5th" and "Michelle Van Dijk" for making it all happen! WOO XXX