Cape Town. South Africa. 28.1.18


Visiting the continent of Africa had always been high on my bucket list. Seeing all the animals from the Lion King and visiting the pyramids were honestly life goals for me as a child. So you can imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to visit the beautiful city of Cape Town in January with some friends. Unfortunately, no I did not get to visit the pyramids, nor did i have enough time to head north to any of the big safari parks, BUT I was going to be visiting AFRICA and boy oh boy, is Cape Town more than anything I had imagined. 

So firstly I have to say, the 25 hours flying was 100% worth it. Many people have asked what my favourite thing about the place was, and looking back now its difficult for me to answer to be honest. The combination of the scenery, the weather, the people, the SEAFOOD (so good) and the exploring opportunities.. my god it was all so incredible!

For me, staying by the beach was essential. Those who know me know I am a sucker for an ocean view. I stayed with a girlfriend of mine in Camps Bay which is a super chill coastal suburb surrounded by the most spectacular mountain views, seriously incredible. The days were hot (just the way I like it) and the nights were slightly chilly. Whenever there was a storm we'd see the clouds rolling over the mountains surrounding us, it was simply surreal.  So safe to say, I was spoilt for views the entire time I was there. 

Being able to incorporate travel into my job is something I am grateful for every single day. I not only got to visit this amazing city, but I was able to experience it with some good friends of mine who are all such talented creatives, all there to capture the magic of the place. 

A couple of days before heading home I decided I wanted to do a little shoot with good friend @GlenKrohn who I often get to work with for jobs but have hardly had the chance to work creatively on something just for me. I really wanted to keep it simple and relaxed, so I threw together bits of my own wardrobe and we just got creative. The day was super chilled, with tunes playing and the sound of the waves rolling in below us, and the best bit? @katiesudekova cheering us on, beer in hand! 

I am so excited to be finally sharing some of the images with you! I have loaded a few of my favourites and have tagged all brands I am wearing at the bottom of the post :) Thanks for reading guys!

Love and light

Eileen XX


Model: Eileen Cassidy @eileencassidy_

Photographer: Glen Krohn @glenkrohn

Gooseberry Intimates - @gooseberryintimates - Lingerie

Faithful the Brand - @faithfullthebrand - Shirt, Bikini 

Vika Jewels - @vikajewels - All jewellery 

Fallen Broken Street - @fallenbrokenstreet - Grey Hat 

Zara - @Zara - Flare Pants