Happy gut & mental health is LIFE


Hey guys :) Heres a fun fact..

Did you know that happy endorphin “serotonin” is created in our gut? Yep. If you’re not gut healthy then you’re probably not creating as much of of the happy feeling inside you as you could be!!!

So... you may have guessed. This post will be talking about my gut health! I have been really struggling with poor gut health for a while now, I suffer from various food intolerances and have a few health issues which I have been tirelessly trying to solve with very little success.. Ill be honest, it’s exhausting. Not knowing what’s going on inside you when you think you’re doing all the right things can drive you bat sh*t crazy. 

After some extensive testing earlier in the year, I was diagnosed with anemia (low red blood cell count) which has been caused by a pretty scary parasite i’ve picked up, which has been living in my gut for a couple of years now. Sounds pretty crazy I know, but this thing that’s been inside me has been pretty much eating me alive. This parasite has caused me some pretty hefty liver scarring and has caused me some serious grief mentally and has physically drained me. 

Healing the gut and getting rid of parasites isn’t an easy task. After finding out I had the critter, I was advised by the practitioner to undergo a very strict parasite cleanse for 3months. This involved numerous things including, cutting out alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy, gluten and a few other things and taking various supplements to heal the body. 4 months on, I still have the parasite. I tell you, it leaves you flat as f*ck when you work so hard on your health and still feel like you’re taking ten steps backwards. I felt incredibly helpless and left desperate. 

I recently attended a @tesstalksofficial event at @thisislifewellness and when one of the speakers @katherine_hay_nutritionist spoke about her studies and methods in healing the body through the gut, my heart pretty much jumped out of my chest! She spoke about how poor gut health is a huge contributing factor to both physical and mental illnesses , and after she mentioned a few symptoms i resinated with, I immediately reached out and booked an appointment to see her. 

I also can’t stress how important a healthy and balanced mind set is essential to life in general. If you’re regularly feeling tired, bloated, random breakouts, anxiety, etc.. Maybe have a serious moment and reassess.. Maybe consider seeing someone about it? 

I am a big fan of meditation and have been for a while now.. Lately I stopped, I don’t know why, I just did. I didn’t prioritise it and life just rolls on by. As well stopping as stopping meditation, I stopped writing in my journal as well as my gratitude diary. I can’t explain how simply stopping these three things changed my overall mood and attitude to life . I stopped doing the things I KNOW make me tick and help keep me positive. I started having very disrupted sleep, which lead to my anxiety getting really full on, some days unbearable . This lead to feeling flat and just feeling super neg all the time.  I’m sure I don’t have to explain in anymore detail, that i just wasn’t feeling my A game. 

When I had my first appointment with Kat, aside from helping me with some DNA testing for my gut health (you must check this out if you’re suffering from any gut issues), she mentioned “The Insight Timer” which is an app I have been using for meditation and reminded me of the things I had been so lost without. She asked I start meditating and start writing down things I am grateful for, assuring me it would really help me with what I was going through. It was a very eye opening moment. Realising that such simple every day practices could make such an impact my overall mental health. 

I guess the whole point of this post is to really emphasise that a healthy mental state is vital if you’re wanting optimum physical health too. It’s all about keeping your mind and body connected. Also that it’s OK when you do fall off the bandwagon. It happens. It is completely 100% ok. Please try your best to not beat yourself up.. I know Its something I definitely did. I felt incredibly guilty for feeling sh*t, because we live in a world where we’re supposed to be “happy” all the time. 

I really want to thank @tesstalksofficial for introducing me to @katherine_hay_nutritionist at @thisislifewellness..❤️ And I want to thank YOU all for taking the time to read something that is very personal to me. If you think you might be going through something similar, please don’t be afraid to speak to speak out and see someone about it. There are people who specialise in these fields of health care for a reason. 💫✨

Sending love to you all xx