As you may be aware, I have very recently invested in a brand spanking new set of porcelain veneers. Have absolutely no idea what this entails? No worries.. its exactly why i’m writing this whole thing :) I want to share my experience and exactly why I decided to invest in veneers.. Its a huge adjustment and a big change, so its definitely something you need to think about a lot before deciding.

Growing up, I had a pretty funny looking set of teeth. Not only did I have a HUGE gap (not the sexy kind) between my front two, I somehow had a ridiculous amount of over crowding that just made smiling something I HUGELY avoided at all costs. Gosh, looking back at it now, I feel pretty bad for Mum and Dad. Both their kids had some pretty hideous looking teeth, which were not certainly not cheap to make pretty. Not getting braces simply was NOT an option for them, I just HAD to have them. In my head it was social suicide if I didn’t, haha! So at the start of year 9, after about a year of begging.. I had surgery to remove my two top vampire teeth (canines). This was definitely needed for the braces to get put in as I simply just had way too many teeth in my mouth. Then FINALLY after that, my fabulous set of rainbow braces were installed. These bad boys lived in my mouth for around a year and a half, I remember getting them off around the time of the year 10 formal. 

After getting them removed, I remember thinking “Wow, I look so different, I don’t know if I like them”. I know I was never really 100% happy with the way they looked. Why? For some reason my right front tooth just never really sat that straight and I was told by my dentist that it was simply the shape of my tooth. It was larger than the left and I just had to live with it. So I did exactly that. 



Look I know my teeth were not all that bad, but I guess after going through the whole process of getting braces, I definitely thought i’d LOVE to smile at every chance I had. But I really just didn’t. As my modelling career started to progress, I started to notice my teeth a lot more, as I was being photographed constantly and all I seemed to be looking at was my teeth. ANYWAY after a lot of thought and discussions with girlfriends, I built up the courage to ask my dentist Dr Shawn from @thedentalroom about potentially getting porcelain veneers. I didn’t really know much about them to be completely honest, and after a few conversations with people i’ve noticed that they’re actually still a very taboo topic to be speaking about!?! SO many people I know now have them but lots of them keep it hush hush! ANYWAY each to their own. I am WAY too excited to keep this bad boy a secret!!!


Looking back at it now, the whole procedure itself was so easy and painless! The first appointment was definitely the more tedious of the two, it went for about 5-6 hours. After a long discussion, we both agreed that I should get 8 veneers across the top and that I wanted a 100% NATURAL smile (no big white fake looking chompers thank you very much). Once it was all confirmed, we shook on it and the master himself BEGAN HIS ART!

What does this process entail?


Moulds of my teeth

before (underneath)



Porcelain veneers involve drilling down your natural teeth a little so that you’re able to place a veneer tooth over the top of your natural tooth. As you can imagine, 5 hours of drilling with your mouth wide open.. isn’t the most exciting procedure, but if anyone could make it seem easy, its Dr Shawn. Good thing I didn’t feel a single bit of it! I was actually so surprised how strong the local anaesthetic worked with numbing the whole area. But even afterwards, there was no pain or discomfort at all, which I was a tad surprised about.

After all the drilling, temporary veneers are placed onto your teeth (these are usually just for a week). This is done so that Dr Shawn and his fabulous Ceramist Chloe can go away and make up my real set of teeth. This also allows you to get used to the look of your new teeth and gives you an opportunity to see if you want to make any changes. I was absolutely ECSTATIC when I had mine put in, I couldn’t stop grinning and took about a gazillion selfies. HAHA!

Now, the second appointment is definitely the more exciting of the two! I actually couldn’t contain myself as I walked in the following friday morning :) After removing the temporaries, Dr Shawn started the process of applying the new set of veneers into my mouth. This process takes a while, as the positioning needs to be perfected and then set with a light. Fast forward 4-5 hours and VA LA! Easy as that. 

What do porcellain veneers look/feel like?

The look of my new teeth are100% natural and feel so so so real. I can’t even tell the difference between the feel of my top and bottom teeth to be honest. I specifically asked Dr Shawn for the “natural” look, and I couldn’t have been more stressed about this if i tried! Hahaha I was a tad nervous doing this whole thing. Now, if you look really closely at my teeth in the “after” image, you can see that there are slight indents in the bottom of the teeth, just like there were on my original ones.

Anyway, I couldn’t be ANYMORE thrilled and am so grateful to Dr Shawn and the beautiful team at @thedentalroom for taking such good care of me. I feel a lot more confident in general and literally can’t stop smiling with my teeth in all my photos! Thank you so so so much for helping me feel 100% confident flashing my pearly whites! If you’ve been thinking about getting porcelain veneers and you’re in Melbourne.. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Visit www.thedentalroom.com.au for more info :)

Hope you guys love my teeth as much as I do :D

Thanks for reading and all the support you guys continue to give me!! Love you all

Eileen XX