Hey guys!!! 

Thank you all SO MUCH for being so patient with me, I know its been a while since I last posted. Things have been SUPER DUPER busy on my end the last couple of of months and its crazy how much I've been dying to share this experience with you guys! SO! its about time I get writing hey... 

WELL! Some of you may remember, a little earlier in the year, around the beginning of June.. I was lucky enough to have been given the INCREDIBLE opportunity to head over to Spain for a week with the crew at "The 5th" to shoot their new "Bilbao" range of watches they were about to roll out. Click here to view the full story . The trip seems like it FLEW by so fast!!!  I actually cannot believe its already been three months since we went. MY GOSH  time certainly flies!

I remember getting the call  . I was sitting with a girlfriend on the couch yabbering away about who knows what, when my phone rang and Alex, the founder of the 5th began telling me about the upcoming campaign they had been planning and then asked me if i'd be interested in coming over and being the face of it. I froze, and had to ask him to repeat what he'd said. I guess it took me a couple of moments before I realised that I was being asked if I wanted to head to SPAIN with an awesome crew to do what I LOVE. After getting off the phone I remember the excitement and ridiculous happy laugh both my girlfriend and I broke out into for the next... 5 or so minutes. Hahaha

Yes, I do OFTEN travel to amazing places  for work, but a lot of the time that either involves being alone for long periods of time or jet setting away with people you don't really know too well..(which of course is all part of the job). But thats what made this gig SO INSANELY AWESOME, and why it was an opportunity I clearly couldn't say no to.

Like many of you i'm sure, Barcelona is one of my fav fav fav cities in the world. I had last visited Barca back in 2015 whilst backpacking with a close girlfriend of mine, and had so many fond memories of the place, so I was super ecstatic to be heading back there. There is nothing quite like the feeling of returning to a place you LOVE. In saying all of this, I was even MORE excited about the fact that i'd been given this amazing chance to be working with one of my favourite clients and to be a part of something special and exciting for them! 

Well, before you knew it, we were up up and away! On the 8th June 2017 we left behind minus 10 degree Melbourne and couldn't be anymore excited for some sunshine. Walking out of Barcelona airport, I remember it being hot, like fantastically balmy, sun shining on your face, the way you imagine it to be, EUROPEAN hot. OWWW YEH!!!!! I was in my element. 

Arriving in Barcelona - Exhausted. 

The trip was split up into three parts. Barcelona, Bilbao and then finishing off with some RELAX time in San Sebastian. Once we got all settled we met up with the photographer who is also a close friend of mine, Michelle Van Dijk and things started to get real! 


The week went so fast, looking back at the whole experience now, all three cities were SO incredible. The hustle and bustle in Barcelona alongside the beach is what I adore, it kind of reminds me of Sydney a little. One of the pictures below is at my little "cava" bar (which I am so surprised I remembered the directions to) as I did not, and still do not know the name of. No tourists there, no english menu. Just lots of LOUD chatter, plenty of tapas and ever flowing CAVA (for those of you who don't know, Cava is Spanish sparkling wine) 



I must say travelling by train between each city is the best way to see the country side and what lies between all the magnificent chaos in each city. I highly recommend it, way over flying. Being able to travel for work is 100% the best part about my job. You get to meet so many incredible people and learn alot about different cultures, both of which I LOVE a lot. 

It was hard to decide which was my favourite out of all the cities we visited this time around. They were all wonderful in such different ways. Surprisingly Bilbao ended up being the pick of the lot for me. Why you ask? Everyone was so nice and friendly, people offered help with directions EVERYWHERE we went, the lack of tourists lingering around made the atmosphere so different to Barcelona & San Sebastian. But I think the ARCHITECTURE was a huge factor. The "Guggenheim" musuem where the campaign was shot was SUCH a highlight, the building and its location in the city was something I'd never seen before. Its definitely a must visit place for those of you who are thinking about heading to Spain!

Anyway, pictures tell a thousand words..  Below are a mixture of final images from the campaign as well as some happy snaps from the day! This has definitely been one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime and i'm so honoured to have been part of something so huge and exciting! 

Thank you SO much to "The 5th" and "Michelle Van Dijk" for making it all happen! WOO XXX